When it comes to females in Hip-Hop we all know what it is. Rah Digga recently put some light on it. But whenever a conversation comes up that says “why aren’t these types of artists in rap more known or get support” then it’s like transporting back to conversations involving male rappers. Except with us, it was pitting the backpack/conscious/lyrical rapper up against the street/gangster rapper. And Lupe’s my favorite rapper so I know what I’m talking about here.

In like fashion it’s these same conversations with females being brought up, but you can replace street/gangster with sexual/stripper/hood rapper. No matter what any of us think of the latter or the former, there’s somebody who’s gonna like it and someone who doesn’t. I figured something like this would occur, especially when the number of female artists went crazy.

All of our ears are different, especially women. None of us listen to rap for the same reasons. I think women in general are more about the feel of the music and a lot of Hip-Hop that resonates with them is sexual. They’re sexual beings by nature so I’m not surprised if a lot more women listened to a Cardi B or a Megan Thee Stallion than they would someone opposite or in a different lane than that. For example, how many girls you know can recite AZ’s The Format word for word? But that’s no reason to frown upon one type of rapper because their music isn’t what we want it to be.

The reality is sex sells. The people who write the music recognize that and caters it to a female audience, and if they capitalize on that then so be it. If majority of fans and things you see on social media or hear on the radio all show female rap as something mostly about sex then show more support to artists that offer what you’re looking for. Screaming to the clouds like an old man won’t solve it. We can call into question why certain things appear the way they do, but it’s so predictable and divisive that it’s a topic that male rappers been dealing with for a long time. It’s a waste of a discussion honestly. Today is no exception.

The only reasonable action is to not complain about it, but make note of these other artists who do it differently and big them up. Then again, the minute one of them blows up then people will start saying “they’re too Hollywood” or “mainstream” now. So in my opinion, being under the radar might not be such a bad thing. However, that still shouldn’t stop these artists from trying to reach higher though. In the end, just support em’.

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