Writer’s Note: The only way any of it makes sense is if the heroes went back to return the stones and exactly before the time they originally arrived. That way, all the events would lead up to their correct moments. Other than that would require answers.

From Umbrella Academy to Terminator Genisys, and countless others, time travel has been the most mind boggling feature to grasp in a film. Trying to wrap my mind around the various timelines in Dragonball Super or the surprise ending in Alpha Gateway is enough to not wanna lose my mind over at all. But it’s always fun and interesting to say the least.

With time travel there’s this saying that the slightest of changes can alter the future drastically. In Endgame, there were several moments like that. The stealing of the particles, the elevator scene with Captain America and Nebula beating up Quill. The others all amount to the same point I’m seeking understanding from. Them going back to place the stones in their right timeline made me scratch my head also.

The bald head master tries to clear this up for us. She explains what happens when you remove the stones from her timeline. That doing so will create an entirely new one. Thankfully the heroes put them back. What still confuses me is at what point did they return them? I say that because if you consider all the changes and improvisation they had to do just to get them, then I wonder if the stones could be the least of worries. I know Tony even mentions at one point how time travel is tricky. But I’m probably making a big deal out of nothing, I don’t know. It’s just something that crosses your mind and after seeing different interpretations on time travel and its many unintended consequences.

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