On a recovery day from some random bug, I sat and watched FX for some of my downtime; a slew of films from Oblivion, the first two reboots of Star Trek and X-Men’s Apocalypse. Today I felt like discussing the latter. The reason is that I think X-Men suffers where Marvel’s other films shine, at least from my perspective. And the difference between them is stand-alone films.

Compared to one another, X-Men’s Wolverine is the only character to have his own film. There are literally dozens of characters you could make something out of, but they only tapped Wolverine. I think X-Men, at least creatively, do this because we’re used to seeing the team together or they rather use as many pieces as possible in every film and give fans that nostalgic feeling.

Assuming this is even partially right then I feel Marvel’s X-Men could be better managed. Because if you look at The Avengers, for example, each Avenger has their own film or more, and more to be released. If X-Men’s failure to do stand-alone films are for financial or legal concerns then I understand, although with Disney now owning the rights to X-Men this may all change in time.

Nonetheless, I think the X-Men could have more appeal than it has if the focus switched from doing a mash-up of characters and storylines, which I’m happy to watch for entertainment, to one that gives the audience a chance to know the characters and their stories like an Iron Man, a Black Panther or a Thor.

The X-Men films are always a pleasure because it reminds you of the cartoon or any comics you probably read (I never did), but the same way fans got to Wolverine multiple times, including his final film which tops them all, should be the same to some degree for other characters.

My drop in the hat? I really don’t know right now. It would have to be someone we haven’t had the chance of seeing truly get justice. Storm, Cyclops or maybe even a villain. You see the direction of Joker, but that’s not X-Men’s lane quite yet. But I’ll say after watching Apocalypse and saw Storm, I thought a film dedicated to her would be dope. But if I’m being honest, I think Nightcrawler may be an even better character. It’s unlikely but he always seemed stunted in any film he’s in, like just another piece. You could say that for a lot of these characters they group together and kill off.

Moving forward though, I hope the direction changes and they make more films about any character at this point because it’ll make X-Men more interesting by following The Avengers formula. Like the old saying, what isn’t broke doesn’t need fixing.

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