I‘ve used this site to talk about a lot of things, especially music, but I never really shared any that I’ve done. Beats aside, I use to rap and along with a bunch of close friends throughout my lifetime. I think about how in today’s environment that some of everybody has been involved with music in some form. That’s not inherently a bad thing neither because being creative with these words, melodies and so forth are the epitome of human expression.

But in this post I wanted to share a song some buddies of mine collaborated on. Hard to believe it was seven years ago. Time sure does fly! I still remember recording my verse.

Thanks to technology I was able to record in my home (a lot of history about this) and send the vocals over to the engineer (S/O to Tony Rizzo) who put the pieces together. And of course much love to my brother Co for putting me on the song and Yung Sleep, another brother of mine since I can remember, for doing what he always was known to do.

One of these days I’ll get in the booth again and not do it because it’s something popular do. That’s not really my M.O. nowadays. I look at it like Z-Ro said on The Mo City Don, that if I S.L.I.P just listen at my cd (or streams in this case) because I live in my song. Besides, I’m not getting any younger lol.


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