Alright, I just left from seeing Endgame and what more can I say that hasn’t already been said? The runtime was near 3 hours but I’ll tell you it felt like being in the quantum realm. You really don’t notice 3 hours have passed and because it was that engaging.

I already peeped a few spoiler videos and tweets off Twitter beforehand so I had an idea of what to expect. It was still a solid film. A good fair amount of tear-jerkers were in there I’ll admit, like when Thor’s goofy ass met with his mother or in the beginning when we saw Nebula, a machine, have a side that we’ve never seen. Try watching a cold-blooded killer play paper football and not grow to like her. She played a big role in this film too might I add.

I can’t forget the Iron Man of the 3 hours who did the Thanos snap better than Thanos himself. He even solved time travel on a whim! Beat that U.S. government.

But what may be my favorite part was the big fight scene. When Cap, looking torn and beaten, gets a call from what sounded like Falcon. Next thing you know all the heroes start coming out the woodwork. It was just seeing them all back again and after all that effort. There were many, many more where that came from?

Now one thing I’ll say about the “girl power” scene that a few people I follow all but said was corny or unnecessary. Honestly? It wasn’t that bad. I mean, it wasn’t bad at all. They made it seem like all the girls just randomly got together and posed like Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force.

Besides all that, I do have some questions. I’ll eventually look them up but I figured I’d share them.

  1. Where’s Loki and all that?
  2. If time travel isn’t like all the time travel films name dropped, then why was old Captain America apart of timeline, and what about his double in the past? Explain that.
  3. Pre-Nebula killed post-Nebula (why?) and does she have all the memories of her and still an ally, or is she still “do anything for Daddy Thanos” Nebula?
  4. With Gamora back, will she fall into the place of the Gamora we came to know?
  5. When Thor went back and retrieved his once shattered hammer, didn’t he technically steal it from his double, leaving that Thor hammerless? Cause that’s what it looked like.
  6. I thought holding the stones took great strength. We saw what happened to Quill but that didn’t happen to any of our Avengers along their scavenger hunt, not even Hawkeye. Why?

That’s all I can pretty much think of now. I’m still in the aftermath as I write this.

The last thing I’ll say about Endgame is it truly ended a long ride. I remember going to see the first Spider-Man back in high school. We saw it on a field trip to the theater. Fast-forward a bit to the first Avengers film where we first saw and heard the name Thanos. It’s hard believing that such a story like that could be told in such short time even though it felt like yesterday when Black Panther was announced. Safe to say, Marvel created one helluva experience and Endgame was just icing on the cake.

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