Writer’s Note: You can say I’m more like Ariadne these days in that I’m not about to open my mind to some of the things I use to.

It’s a new day, a new inception. Only right that I talk about one of the greatest mind-bending films of all time in my opinion. And that of course is Inception. When you’re like me and you live inside your head majority of the time, it’s films like this that resonate the most. But what I want to talk about deals with conspiracy theories and how I generally look at them today.

I was on Twitter this morning and after mentioning this film, I figured why not rewatch it again for the umpteenth time. Then I got to the scene where Ellen Page’s character, Ariadne, had just woke up from being in a dream. Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, plays this role in leading her down a rabbit hole beforehand. When she wakes up after being stab by Mal, Cobb’s dead wife, you realize she’s been exposed to a whole new world, including Cobb’s relentless subconscious. She then storms out the building in dissatisfaction and Cobb says, “she’ll be back…reality is not going to be enough for her now…” It’s this scene and phrase in particular that defines being conspiracy-minded and my trouble with it.

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she’ll be back…reality is not going to be enough for her now…” https://t.co/WbfwSNIetX

Once Cobb opened her mind about the dream world, the subconscious mind and so on he knew the world she once lived in wouldn’t be the same anymore. That’s what conspiracies do. They call it being red pilled but it changes your entire view of the world and to the point where there’s no turning back. Once you know, you know. But sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Sure, there’s some things you ought to know and be aware of, but sometimes you go so far down the rabbit’s hole that you start losing grip on reality. You start looking at everything like there’s some ulterior motive and you can drive yourself crazy like that. So when people talk about conspiracies and the new theory of the day because of this or that, I rarely give it my energy and for good reason.

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I’m not tryna hear that sh*t no more lol. Bring me the blue pill. https://t.co/yUM0xGGOoD

Not because I want to remain ignorant neither, but because after learning this new theory, what’s next? How does it improve any area of my personal life to listen on how this entity is doing this, that this celebrity’s death is something significant for me to know because foul play “may” have occurred? Because no matter what the theory is, it warps your mind to a reality that says you’re not in full control. That someone, like a puppet master, is behind the scenes and pulling string after string.

But let’s not get it twisted. When there’s something so pertinent that people must know about it then someone has to relay that information, especially when harm is involved. We know there’s some crazy shit going on, but what it’s worth you can’t let someone else’s agenda take control of your mind where you’re just spewing out shit with no basis to it. For instance, the news is supposed to serve that function as far as relaying information, but as the story goes they’re nothing but glorified amplifiers for controlling interests. Masters in confusion and spin. Even knowing that is a burden and a reality I wish weren’t true. We’re told the news (i.e. mainstream media) is there to inform us. Having that shattered make it’s harder to ever look at news the same.

Like Cobb mentioned, once you’re exposed to how things work outside of the real world, it becomes difficult to live with and we all respond to that differently. It’s why I try not to get too invested in these conspiracy theories so much, especially the far-fetched​ ones, because your mind and worldview  is altered,  like someone planting an idea in your mind and having it change who you  are from the inside, which is kind of overwhelming for people and make you think, “maybe taking that blue pill was better.”

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