It’s not everyday that I keep up with tv shows or the latest one getting attention (i.e. Game of Thrones). But last night I was scrolling my feed and saw the 100 at the top. Now I didn’t know it at the time but there’s a new season.

I wrote briefly about the show and season 5 not long ago, but I wrote it thinking that was the end of it. If you saw the last episode of season 5, it seemed like that was it. It ended on a cliffhanger but it wasn’t a bad one. Seeing the story continues, I won’t wait until Netflix has it on their platform to watch, which may not happen.

The CW is ending its Netflix deal, but that doesn’t mean Riverdale is disappearing

Many of the CW’s original series have found new audiences through a long-standing streaming agreement with Netflix, but that deal is coming to an end. Netflix’s agreement with The CW’s parent companies, Warner Bros. and CBS, ensured that CW series like , Supernatural, The Flash, and Arrow automatically ended up on Netflix after a season’s initial run on network television.

It’s how I always watched the last few seasons because we’re all bingers, right? You can watch the first three episodes on The CW.

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