Writer’s Note: If there’s any truth to any of this or not then we’ll see.

Brainwave Frequency List

This post is more of an exploration. I’ve heard over the years that everything has a vibration, and that vibration has its own frequency. At the various levels that we can hear I’m told these frequencies have an effect (more or less) on things they interact with, like us.

Why Is A440 A Universal Tuning Standard?

As Ryoji Ikeda gets set to explore the note in his upcoming RBMA LA Festival event, Matthew Guerrieri explains.

In one post I briefly mentioned sound frequencies, like binaural beats. I installed this program that allows you to enter any frequency and play it back. And that begs the question. Is there really biological effects from listening to certain frequencies over others?

Are We All Mistuning Our Instruments, and Can We Blame the Nazis?

A small cadre of fanatics insists music would sound better if instruments were tuned differently. Ted Gioia spent a week putting put their theories to the test.

If so, I wanted to figure how I would incorporate the concept in my work. For example, I use native instruments Maschine to make any beat I’ve ever made. Recently I came across a plugin called Guitar Rig that has a tuner, but I can’t say I’m too familiar with how to use it in regards to this post.

Guitar Rig Tuner and Maschine

Also, I’ve read there’s two ways to incorporate or convert your music to the desired frequency. The first way is during the initial beat-making process. The second is in post-production where you would simply convert the song into whatever frequency and you’re done. However, I’m understanding it’s better to do whatever frequency changes in the beginning.

How to go about this and with the equipment I have available is something I’ll eventually learn one way or another. But anyone reading this has tips or a guide that speaks to any of this then please do not hesitate to share it. If you don’t fully grasp what I’m talking about then watching Jhene Aiko’s ELLE video or reviewing this Reddit post about XXXTentacion’s conversation with Akademiks can offer another understanding.

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