Writer’s Note: I couldn’t help but notice as I was writing that Tomb Raider is strikingly similar to Marvel’s Iron Fist. The Trinity, The Hand. Lara Croft and Danny are both heirs to riches and a conglomerate. And within their own ranks lies the enemy.

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A sequel huh? Don’t know if many liked the last Tomb Raider. It was cool to me and I thought Miss Vikander had a nice look. Her solo scenes in the jungle was what captured me. Talk about hard! That was when she became Lara Croft.

I‘m typically late when it comes to these things, but the timing couldn’t be better. Word around town is the last Tomb Raider from 2018 is getting a sequel, which is fine considering how it ended. Now like I said in a tweet, I don’t know if people liked this installment or why, but it’s not my concern. I’m a fan of stories and I generally like to see how they play out. I felt this way about The Giver and Terminator Genisys. That list can go on and on. But for the sake of this post, let’s just discuss Tomb Raider.

It’s basically about a young rich girl abandoned by her father who went on a suicide mission and to prevent an entity called the Trinity from accessing a powerful, yet deadly artifact. If you haven’t seen it then I won’t spoil that part. But that’s pretty much the story. Lara grows up and is left without much purpose until she’s persuaded to sign over important documents tied to her inheritance. At that moment, she’s given a unique puzzle from her father that leads her off on a dangerous exhibition.

Along the way, she meets a man named Lu Ren (no relation to Kylo Ren), the son of the captain who helped her father. With both having parents who mysteriously left and never returned, they find commonality. He was hesitant to make Lara’s request but with the motivation of a little money, he accepted to help Lara find this island her father and his father once journeyed to. But no one said it would be a cakewalk. There’s always calm before the storm and that’s what our characters experienced. Roaring waves smacked what makeshift boat they had into pieces, leaving them both lost at sea and Lara showing up on a not so unpopulated beach.

Barely alive, she’s taken captive by the same group her father had fought against. She realizes her shipmate has also been captured. But like the Lara Croft she is, and with the help of Lu Ren, she escapes for the moment. Now I mentioned before that this was the point where she solidified herself as Lara Croft. Faced with death by the second, she barely escapes with her life without enduring a few bruises and body piercing objects.

Tough as nails

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But she later notices a dark figure in the woods and after she makes what appears her first kill. It’s definitely not her last. The dark figure however, she chases after and gloriously climbs up a steep cliff only to find the man she once thought was gone forever. Every daughter needs her father and she fought tooth and nail on a hunch to find him. The father and daughter reunite, but not without a clash. The foolish mistake Lara made and her father’s lost sense of reality make the perfect mix for chaos. But what now?

Lara decides to fix her mistake and leave what has become her father behind. As she ventures back into the Trinity-infested jungle she once again finds Lu Ren, still alive (barely), and they start-up a second riot that eventually leads to a standstill. Faced with her father’s death (of his own doing) or opening the unlockable cave entrance, she chooses the latter, going against her father’s wishes again. She has that “I’m gonna do what I want” personality about herself throughout the film.

Now we’re at the key moment of it all. The mythology is beginning to show its secrets. With the seal now broken, thanks to Lara, they journey down into the abyss. What they all find are of course a series of traps to not keep people out, but to keep people in her father makes note of. Having reached the last entrance, and after Lara yet again solves another puzzle involving an array of chakra-like colors, they realize the writing on the walls. Like I said, I won’t spoil what that is because it’s an interesting twist considering all we have come to know. What happens afterwards is pretty much the end.

Lara being the only survivor escapes, again, and is found by Lu Ren. I think everyone needs a Lu Ren when they’re in a bind. And to their luck, a helicopter approaches the island and they “hitch” their way back home. But this is where a sequel is necessary to continue Lara’s unsolved mystery. Who or what is Trinity and why is the company responsible for funding the search for Himiko’s power a property of her now signed over position in corporate affairs? I’ve said a mouthful but it’s a mystery indeed and a reason to look forward to the sequel. Two guns up for that!

I’ll take two please

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