Writer’s Note: Why did they draw Donatello’s head and face like that? He looks like someone but I can’t put my finger on who or what.

Update: I know now lol.

My younger self was always a Turtles fan. You could ask my brother if he remembers and he’d tell you. The VHS tapes, the bed sheets, the classic games (i.e. Turtles in Time) and of course the many action figures and toys that were sold; I was highly a consumer of all things Turtles. But I’m older and have grown out of my former appeal for the mutant quartet. However, it didn’t stop me from taking a peek at this new rendition of the Turtles entering the realm of Gotham City.

Now to anyone reading, I’ve never been into comic books because I wasn’t much of a reader outside of a school setting. There weren’t comic book stores around or things my crew were into. But to my surprise, I saw from the end credits that this wasn’t the first time the two worlds have met. As I said, I don’t read comics so I would’ve never known. And I only bring attention to it because when I first saw this film’s trailer or clips before its debut, I figured it was some new crossover they were attempting to do. I was wrong. There’s a rich history between Batman and the Turtles. I guess that makes sense why the Turtles were apart of DC’s Injustice 2.

As far as the film itself, it’s what you would expect. Batman and crew kicking ass and Turtles joining in on the fun. We see two bad guys (Shredder and Ra’s al Ghul) link up, forming their own Legion of Doom like alliance and for the purpose of using a cloud seeding machine to destroy Gotham City, which was Ra’s al Ghul master plan. Now if I’m not mistaken, that basically was the Lizard’s endgame in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Shredder and Rā’s al Ghūl

The film was somewhat graphic so it wouldn’t be suitable for little kids. It had a slight adult tone to it, but that’s DC’s animation films for you. Shredder and Ra’s al Ghul alone caught a couple of bodies. I’ve seen others that were more graphic so Batman Vs. TMNT is a cupcake in comparison I’d say.

In their entirety, I think the ones I’ve seen are fairly entertaining if you get into it. I recall watching The New Frontier over and over and just for background noise when it came on. Most of the time it’s just something to look at, and while I grew out of many aspects of my younger days there still remain some things that’ll catch my eye.

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