Writer’s Note: The soundtrack was cool. Different from I what normally listen to but it blended well with the anime. I found most of the songs that I put into a playlist, which I got from here.

With the summer in place, I figured I’d take time to enjoy it so I haven’t been as active with @shunslab. I think I’m beginning to outgrow it in terms of tweeting and posting just for the hell of it. Or it might just be the summer playing on me. But in between all that I’ve recently looked at Ingress, a show on Netflix that I had on my watchlist.

It was fairly short so it didn’t take long to see it all play out. I won’t pretend like I understood everything at first neither; even though the show made multiple attempts to explain some of its aspects. For instance, this stuff they called Exotic Matter or XM reminded me of ley lines that are said to exist all around the planet. That was probably one thing to help understand what the deal with XM was.

Not to mention you had certain people, who they called Sensitives, that had unique abilities allowing them to tap into these blue and green energy portals all over the world. But on top of that, you had others who were hellbent on using XM to control and influence people for their own motivations. The most likely reason is world domination, which is a regular occurrence with saving the world type of programming. They even built a manipulative app for people to play like a game for that purpose. Ironically the app is called Ingress. But that’s the story in a nutshell.

Come to think of it, maybe that was ADA behind the app because she did tap into it. ADA is an A.I. whose role is vital to the story, and from the looks of it, I think we’ll hear more from her come next season. There’s much more you could flesh out but I thought it made for a decent science fiction story. Some parts I thought were pretty dope and that kept me interested.

Ingress Agent – Album on Imgur

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I don’t watch much anime so I don’t look at myself as someone who knows all about it, but when it comes to Ingress I liked it. The story ended off on a good tip and there appears to be more to the story from its ending. Besides, the ones they call Collaborators aren’t going away that easy.

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