What I can say? I didn’t know the brother personally nor was I an avid watcher of his videos, but like many, I was well aware of him online. His signature hi-top fade was something you wouldn’t forget if you ever came across it. But unfortunately, I’m writing this because the brother is no longer here and I felt inclined to say a few parting words.

I remember weeks ago watching videos (this one and this one) about his peculiar behavior, which caused many to worry about him. So in the back of my mind, I was aware of what was going on to some degree. When it comes to this day in age you never really know though and you’re sitting back, watching events unfold like a spectator. I had an idea that Etika was troubled, but you never think a person would go so far as to commit suicide because of it. It’s just something you don’t want to think about, but it’s an unfortunate reality. It’s even worse when the person appears totally fine on the outside.

The brother was short of 30 and far too young in my eyes seeing I’m just a few years older. Upon hearing he took his life makes me wonder what on Earth could trouble a person that much that life is no longer worth living. I could speculate and attribute it to this new age we’re in, where fame is just a smartphone and YouTube account away but I’m afraid that’s only a portion. A significant one I’d think too! Maybe it was burnout and the pressures of being Etika. Whatever it was I’m sure it was something only he would truly know.

If I could say a quick prayer I’d pray we all find that something inside us to shoulder our struggles, be steadfast and do the things that make us content with ourselves and circumstances.

The Issue Isn’t Etika Taking His Life

I understand he made the decision but if there’s anything worth blaming I’d blame the way society is set up, especially now. All the social pressures and hardships of life that one faces from adolescent to adulthood, it molds us all differently. Some of us are well-equipped to handle those hardships, but others, like Etika, I’m guessing they linger on and mess with us on a deeper level. The ones who are blessed enough to have the right support systems that build strong minds and bodies are well off and more than capable to handle life’s battles. Others aren’t so fortunate. Is that Etika’s case? I don’t know. I’m just airing these thoughts out.

But What I Understand Is This

Something was powerful enough to push Etika to those limits. What’s left is a bunch of online fans, friends, and family with a son to mourn. There’s no bright side except he’s moved on now. His death, like so many others, is surely a lesson worth learning from and I say so with all due respect. That’s what I’m thinking of at this moment; trying to make sense to these unfortunate events, cause there’s plenty. And although they’re beyond my window, they feel closer than ever. Something about this present day that makes it so. But in the end, I extend my condolences and wish his soul find peace.

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