It’s truly a favorite of mine. It appeals to the survivalist in me. I guess that’s what I find so interesting about these post-society, dystopian type of films. But this mystery I’ll get to in a minute so hang tight.

You could search online for any description of this film, but to briefly describe it I’d say it’s a story about an alien entity who wages war on Earth, and the fallout of this war left the planet’s resources ripe for the taking. This alien entity uses killer drones as part of its arsenal, but it doesn’t stop there.

Sally, voiced by Melissa Leo

Our main character, Jack, is an unaware participant in this war. His homebody accomplice, Victoria, is too. The reason is both of them were captured in what started as a scouting mission. They make this all known in the film. As a result, they were cloned, had their memory’s wiped and carried out this alien entity’s mission without question. How this all happened is unclear. We just know that it did.

Meanwhile, the humans on Earth were sitting ducks. The few that survived managed to do so for many years after Earth burned. They were made enemies. And in like fashion, Jack and Victoria continued their mission for years with this in mind, except they would have no idea this entity they worked for was the true enemy. That’s Oblivion in a nutshell.

Now for the mystery

It deals with Victoria. I’ve seen this film a bunch of times and it never occurred to me that something was missing. A piece of the story left untold. If I went online to find answers I’m sure I would, but I’ll air my thoughts out here.

Victoria, played by Andrea Riseborough

She’s the mystery out of this entire film. There’s just something about her that’s off. When Jack asked her to see down below (meaning Earth) with him, because she always stayed at base, she finds it out of the question like she has no ties or curiosity about a place she once called home. She has this vague belief of a place in the sky that awaits her and Jack that’s better. It’s unfortunate because you have Jack, who’s seen the world for what it has truly become, and then Victoria, who only has an idea of it. An idea that she refuses to let go. But the one thing that leaves her story incomplete is this. When she reports to Sally (the name given to the alien entity) that she and Jack were no longer an effective team, a killer drone within their base came online and destroyed her. It turned her into dust! I suppose it was always placed there like a reset button.

But later in the film, we see a new set of clones. One is of Jack, and Victoria the other. How fast they were deployed just shows how efficient this alien entity is. In the end, however, we know what happens to both Jacks but there’s a mystery behind what happens to this new Victoria. Unlike her former clone, she wasn’t killed or anything. When Jack went to the new location to retrieve first aid, he saw this Victoria. When that scene ended, it was the last time we would see her.

Jack, played by Tom Cruise

Now I know I’m all over the place, but my question is what happened to her after Jack and Beech (Morgan Freeman’s character) met Sally in space? The last place we saw her was at the base off the mountains. I really do like Oblivion because it’s one of those feel good films for me, but when I saw it earlier I realized that one piece in the story was left a mystery.

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