Writer’s Note: What’s in your rotation for the day?

Recently I caught wind of a few names and projects and added them to the queue. To crack things off I’ll begin with DUCKWRTH. I don’t know much about him or his music but I added his latest project to my library some weeks back. The one song I do recall listening to was Love Is Like A Moshpit and I liked the beat, but I figured it’s time I give The Falling Man a full listen because that song did catch my ear.

Most notably out of this bunch is The Plugs I Met by Benny The Butcher. Some people I follow have mentioned his name before so I started listening to see what the music was like. He auditioned for the XXL Freshmen and dropped an album, Tana Talk 3, which some say is a classic.

Che Noir’s Trill of the Hunt 2 was a project I went ahead and listened to the other day, and I like what I heard. She released a video to Fall of Rome, but a song besides that one to like is Kiss the Ring. It’s a short project like the others mentioned in this playlist, but it’s one I had to run back another time.

Jean Deaux is another artist I’m unfamiliar with at the moment, but I added her album Empathy to my library some days back and mainly because of its cover. I haven’t heard her music yet and have the slightest clue what she sounds like, so figured I’d find the time today to see. From the looks of the cover, I’m guessing it’s gonna be something dope on there.

‎6-21-19 by Shun’s Lab

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