I‘m keeping it strictly Hip-Hop today so let’s get to it. Roc Marciano’s Behold A Dark Horse is one album I haven’t heard, but not long ago I peeped another project of his (Marcberg) and it was my introduction to Roc, and I made it clear I’d check out more of music because it was up my alley. There’s plenty to listen to but I’m starting off with his latest in 2018, and there’s a newer project he has as well, titled The Prequel.

I recall writing this and how I was gonna study up on certain producers whose work I haven’t heard much of. This is where tuning in to Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s Bandana come in to play. I don’t listen to Freddie Gibbs nor am I familiar with Madlib, but I’m aware of who they are. Madlib is praised among many, something I realized from an interview of his not long ago. And Freddie Gibbs is one of those artists I hear folks say is underrated and people should listen to more. Bandana is the most recent of Today’s Rotation and mainly because I was waiting for its release to see what these guys cooking up.

Out of the four listed LE$ is the most unfamiliar to me. I think I only came across his name and this particular project because of a 2DopeBoyz tweet. That was a while ago and I remember adding Infinity to my library, but I yet to press play. Today’s another story.

Last but not least we got Stro the MC. He was in Netflix’s See You Yesterday and made a cameo in Person of Interest, but I’ve been aware of him since he went by Astro. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY you already should know he got the necessary skills and this latest release, Last Friday, only adds to that notion.


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