I‘m going to keep this short and sweet here, and if you haven’t seen the subject of this post already then check it out. It was a good interview. I thought she was well-spoken and that southern accent is as good as gold.

But the two things I wanted to mention were about some questions she was asked. One where she responded about how her family gave her encouragement and built her confidence since a youngin. These young girls need that kind of love, especially from family. I can only imagine the amount who out here and didn’t get that growing up.

And the other was about writing her own lyrics, which touched on some who don’t. I thought her answers were pretty safe to not offend anybody and good because she made it known where she stood with it personally.

My Thoughts On Hip-Hop And Ghostwriting

But to get deeper into ghostwriting, I want to add something because I posted a tweet earlier this week about it. The only “issue” with ghostwriting is pretending you’re the best at rapping or in Hip-Hop. You may get away with that at an award show or the charts. However, a prerequisite of rapping, at least culturally, is you write your own shit when claiming to be a rapper or emcee. For those that don’t, they’re entertainers. They’re not lyricists, rappers or artists because those titles mean you had to actually create something. How could you call yourself something when you’re not the one creating it? I’m not hating, I’m just saying.

But those who don’t write their rhymes, they’re strictly entertainers or actors reading from a script that somebody else created. And like Megan Thee Stallion stated, it’s nothing wrong with that. Get the money, awards and make hits by all means if you choose that lane. The only taboo about it I’d say is claiming you’re the best or the top dog in Hip-Hop. That’s a matter of authenticity. Imagine a battle rapper having a ghostwriter? And I wouldn’t make much of a distinction between battle rap and the industry as far as Hip-Hop goes.

As I said before however, get the money by all means because Rap is just another business and medium like Rock n’ Roll or Pop where songwriters are apart of the natural order. Like Puff once said in 2001, “don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks.”

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