It’s been some days since my last write up, but today I saw something and felt inclined to write a few bars.

Phonte on Twitter

FUCK naw. Too much manic energy under one roof. Get you a square that studies botany or some shit and flourish.

Ironically, I had a similar thought some time ago. I figured I wouldn’t want to be involved with someone who’s like me. It’s not to say I don’t want someone who I have something in common with, but I use to think how good it’d be to have someone like myself and work on the things I do. In hindsight, I think it was a close-minded idea.

Like Termanology’s Different World song, I’d rather explore someone who’s totally opposite of me and into something so different than what I’m use to that I can see a different world. I make music for example. It’s one my hobbies next to many other things. I played basketball all my life and it’s all I’ve ever known on a deep level as a kid growing up. And being from a small community where everybody knows everybody, there’s a lot of similarity to go around. It wasn’t until I went to college that I realized how small my world was, but even that experience, although cut short, was small.

But to make it make sense, I’d want to experience someone who probably codes for fun or is into the spiritual stuff and says peace and blessings, like Ms. Blue. That’s totally different for me, but I can see myself going that route. Not only that but I’d go for someone that’s into the arts or talented at drawing and knows it on a deeper level. That’s creative just like making music is but it’s in a different category to me, and because I have no type of knack for art or drawing I know I’d find it interesting because of her.

Later in my years I see myself involved in business and investing so I wouldn’t want a woman who lives in that world. I’d definitely have some who are friends that’s for sure. I’d even go for those women who people technically call nerds and probably into anime because when I think about the women I’ve experienced in my life, that’s a foreign concept in comparison. Keep in mind, I’m from a small Detroit area and that type wasn’t something that existed. Growing up we had those types who played double dutch in the streets, did hair, were cheerleaders, into sports and smoked (as we got older of course). That’s a general way to describe it but I never got exposed to those other types, and like Mike Epps, it makes you wonder what that be like.

But I could find interest in any type without my decision really being based on that. There’s a lot of fine women out here who are probably just like me and rarely would I think of turning them down because they can’t code or draw. It just reminded me seeing this tweet that if the options were there then I really wouldn’t want someone who’s like myself and into the things I’m into. Again, that’s what having friends are for. As far as love though? I’d like to experience something similar to the title of this post.

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