As promised, Nas is scheduled to put out another project, the Lost Tapes 2. The first Lost Tapes was released in 2002, but I think fans and Nas himself were itching for something greater after his NASIR album. I don’t know the consensus on it, but I suspect people weren’t satisfied, especially the hardcore fans.

Nas Says He Has a New Album Coming Soon, Calls the Wyoming Kanye Experience “Weird”

Will we get another Nas album in 2018? The album was a dud. Bashed critically, and overshadowed by the JAY-Z and Beyonc√© collab album Everything is Love. There was also disappointment in the fact that he didn’t address any of the allegations from ex-wife Kelis.

As far as the Lost Tapes 2 goes, I think Nas has another shot at redemption. He’s not the type of artist to drop records periodically neither so you know it’s something he wanted to get out. That’s a good thing too! You get this feeling that ever since NASIR dropped that the streets of Hip-Hop been hungry for more.

Nas Gathers Unreleased Tracks for Long-Awaited ‘Lost Tapes 2’

Nas will finally release his long-awaited compilation ‘Lost Tapes 2,’ featuring unreleased cuts from his last four albums.

But to speak on this teaser trailer, I’ll say I’m glad he has snatched up a beat from Statik Selektah. The guy does his production well and some of the illest rappers all know it. The day before the trailer’s release I was scrolling through Twitter and saw Statik’s tweet,¬†but had no clue who he was talking about so I followed him and turned the notifications on because something told me to; call it a hunch and we don’t violate those.

The next day, I see the tweet from Mass Appeal and its a snippet of Nas going strong on what I’d call a marvelous beat. To hear it was made 10 years ago is crazy as it doesn’t sound dated at all, but maybe that’s because I got mad love for soulful beats. Anybody that knows me is already aware how much I rock with his production, but if this snippet of the Lost Tapes 2 is any indication to what it will ultimately sound like, then people like myself will be in for a treat.

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