From a money perspective, remakes are a sure bet in a lot of cases. Just look at Aladdin and The Lion King for examples. Over recent years, and longer, there’s been remake after remake and to the point it’s like, “is anything off limits these days?”

Yesterday however, I seen a tweet about Uptown Saturday Night being remade with Kevin Hart among others.¬†Uptown Saturday Night is a film from the 70s, which was during my father’s heyday. I even remember him having a copy laying around the house. It’s been awhile since I saw it, but it’s one of those classics from a time some of everybody would know. At one point Power Rangers got a reboot. Now, I didn’t grow up in the 70s but in the 90s I was heavily into Power Rangers. I’d come home right after school around 3 to 3:25PM, grab a bowl of cereal and watch the latest episode like clockwork, then head out in the backyard to play basketball or run the neighborhood.

But aside from my reminiscing, I understand it. On one end you have that nostalgic factor, and on the other end a chance to reintroduce a popular story to a newer population, which both can mean cash money. Here’s a thought to that. From a creative aspect, it’s like some producers of remakes need to let the original live in its own light and time. Some films just don’t need a remake because the originals are damn near sacred if I can call them that.

For instance, just this morning I saw that Home Alone was getting a remake. In the words of Eartha Kitt, “FOR WHAT?” There’s literally no need to remake that. Who’s even asking for it? But there were films remade that weren’t really a big deal, like Fahrenheit 451 and it deviated from the original story…but recreating Home Alone? One of the greatest Christmas films? C’mon now. Even remaking Jumanji was a bold, bold move I first thought.

Here’s how I see it. You can never recreate a Home Alone or Jumanji from a creative standpoint. To evoke nostalgia and for money you can, but I think some (maybe a lot) films should be off limits. Create something new instead of riding the coattails of past works. Think for a second. Imagine the energy, all the creative minds and talent that went into making those originals. Imagine that moment in time when those films were being made. You can’t recreate nothing like that.

I’m not against the whole idea of remakes. They are what they are and have their place. And there’s plenty of films I’m sure people would want to see remade, but that doesn’t mean you should listen to them. Because it’s the ones like Home Alone that don’t need one in my opinion.

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