Rarely am I alarmed by the topics covered in the news. However I try to keep aware of what they’re talking about, and what’s caught my attention the most is the coronavirus.

With a simple search you’ll find out what is it because I’m not going to talk about it in that way. I want to address some realities surrounding it. One that immediately drew my attention were reports in Italy. People were clearing grocery shelves.

It’s that sense of emergency that makes me think this isn’t some novel virus. If it were, you wouldn’t have people behaving this way or certain businesses shutting production down; it’s only been a couple of months.

Imagine the impact or reactions for the rest of this year and beyond. This very idea leads me to plan ahead before similar measures and responses hit close to home. But what can an individual do? I’ll leave some sources below that are pretty informative, however I think there’s other things important too.

Health is a luxury and maintaining your temple is more desirable than wealth and peace. It must be a priority to keep an eye on our health. In regards to this virus, it’s not unreasonable to suggest we do our immune systems a favor and use substances that improve and support it, and not use (or limit) substances that inhibit or weaken it.

Note: Down below are sources on this point, but I suggest you research what builds and suppresses the immune system and come to your own conclusions on what’s best.

My other suggestion is to stock your house with all the essentials. Water, toilet paper, food and whatever it is you require on a consistent basis. The rationale is there’s no guarantee the store down your street or the market you buy supplies from will have what you need.

Imagine the people in Italy who arrive to a store only to see it empty. Imagine this virus disrupts supply chains for goods we all need. To what extent, I don’t know but we can never be too sure. As far as I can tell there’s many unknowns to what this virus will do to society as a whole. It may all be paranoia I’m experiencing or an issue being overblown, and the last thing I desire is to cause anyone to panic or worry.

It’s why I’m writing and recommending that we take the necessary precautions. You’re better off having the things you need for an extended period of time, building your immune system and doing other measures to prevent this virus from affecting you than to wait until shit hits the fan. Maybe it won’t, but why take that risk in light of what we now know?

The best case scenario is you’ll have a bunch of supplies, a functional immune system and nothing abnormal happens. I think that’s better than the alternative scenario, which seems more likely considering reports saying this virus is here to stay. For this reason alone it’s best to be proactive and a step ahead of whatever awaits us from now on.

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