Writer’s Note: At the least, buy in bulk. Look at your lifestyle and see what’s worth storing for later usage. At the end of the day, it’s about securing your survival and being resourceful a lifestyle. If there’s anything I’ve learned so far from this coronavirus it’s that I needed to double down on what I already felt was necessary.

I wouldn’t classify this as a review or apart of the #NotAReview series, but there’s something about this movie I wanted to highlight. Before I do that let me ask this question. If everything around me closed or shut down for whatever reason, and this coronavirus situation is applicable, then what happens to me or the average citizen who relies on these vital systems?

Now as far as the movie goes, it’s a story about ants and grasshoppers. A story where the ants, who instinctively store resources for the dead season, and grasshoppers who aren’t so mindful but use their might against the ants for their own sustenance. People probably can look at that relationship in so many ways but wait and see where I’m headed with this.

In my view, we’ve set up a society that turns us into the grasshoppers. Yes, they were tyrants to the ants but these grasshoppers were completely dependent upon them. These ants had the foresight the grasshoppers lacked. With this coronavirus issue in the background, I see adopting an ant mentality is preferable to a grasshopper one.

What About “Panic Buying”

I think it’s a result of us living like grasshoppers who rarely (if ever) think to prepare for “seasonal changes.” I’m guilty of this myself given the fact I should know better. By the way, seasonal changes could mean a virus spreading and causing disruptions to everyday life. It’s a rare event but it’s part of any situation that slows down society.

But if I watch the movie, it makes it seem like these grasshoppers are superior because of their size and strength over the ants, but it’s far from true. The ants far outweighed them in numbers and had a higher intelligence. They worked as a unite to sustain themselves and the lazy grasshoppers. The ants’ ability to thrive was optimal in comparison.

I think because of the coronavirus we’re seeing such a instance where store products become scarce, governments are shutting down places like schools and employers are telling employees to work from home.

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Here is the thing to understand about flattening the curve. It only works if we take necessary measures before they seem necessary. And if it works, people will think we over-reacted. We have to be willing to look like we over-reacted.

It’s getting chaotic to say the least, and for good cause (e.g. flattening the curve), but who knows for how long this will last. But this experience should remind people like myself to be more like ants in the future. When it all goes back to normal, I’ll try to live as if the next 6 months are a time for storing (e.g. munition, money, food, medicines, etc) resources to use for a later time or for emergencies, so in the heat of a moment I’ll be better equipped instead of rushing to stores at the last minute. Because let’s face it, although I understand “panic buying,” it’s a failure-to-act-ahead-of-time response.

Just think about it.

The people who are going to stores and being reactive is normal behavior that wouldn’t exist if more of us were like ants who act before any of these events manfest. For too long our convenient society made it seem like everything would always be at our fingertips without fail. We took our skin out of the game. It rarely crosses our mind that it could all break down. This has left many unable to survive without this convenience available. It’s done wonders for our society but simple things like not growing food or generating electricity leaves us open to vulnerabilities in the overall system. It only takes one event to expose it. It’s this behavior I’d want to shed when possible and replace with one that is more resourceful and less dependent.

I’m not saying I’ll need to always have 6 months of food, money or supplies stored up because it may not be the practical thing to do. I’m saying if I didn’t make plans ahead of time, then a black swan event like the coronavirus, a blackout or any other like it that stops the wheels of society for a period of time would always have me and others reacting, unprepared and overly dependent like the grasshoppers.

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