The song of the day is called Meditate by Mississippi’s own, Big K.R.I.T. It’s off the mixtape King Remembered In Time which features tracks like Shine On, REM, Only One and King Without A Crown.

Meditate is one of those joints where it’s like K.R.I.T is having an one-on-one conversation with you. Its very nature allows us to focus and hear every word; that real rap shit. That’s not uncommon when it comes to K.R.I.T however. He’s definitely no stranger to letting it pour out, and Meditate is that type of song.

But there’s another reason behind this song of the day. I read something on social media, and later on I heard someone mention it during a gaming tournament but I quickly forgot about it — until now.

See, there’s a study that concluded a suppression of brain activity was linked to a longer life. Now if I take the idea at face value, then it’s basically says the practice of meditation or stillness can expand one’s life. With that said I suppose the ancients were on to something and science is catching up.

Now whether it’s too early to say the results are the Gospel is for science to map out. But I recall listening to a program not long ago and the speaker made it clear to focus only on the breath, and to the effect, he said meditate til there’s no mind — word to Lupe. So turn up that Big K.R.I.T, relax, enjoy the music and reserve some of that brain power, because you might live longer.

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