I wouldn’t claim to know everything about him but when you’re aware of what’s called the conscious community, and you’re into alternative health, then you’ll eventually meet up with him. He’s also one of the scholars (i.e. Dr. Jewel Pookrum, Richard King, Roger J. Williams) who introduced me to the idea of genetic differences between the various groups that makeup the Earth.

One thing about the brother is he said a whole lot of good things as well as some that could be perceived as controversial. His teaching method was one of a kind. He challenged a lot concepts we consider normal and some of it can be uncomfortable because the brother holds no punches. Nonetheless, he dedicated his life to the cause and fight of uplifting his people.

How I became aware of him was from a friend. Several years ago I recall her sending me an email of a Dr. Afrika lecture on herbal remedies. I was always into health but at that time I didn’t know how to use his information properly. It’s one reason why I had the thought to revisit Dr. Afrika, but as strange as it sounds I didn’t know he passed. I had a hunch to review a video he was featured in because my mind was on the body’s circadian rhythm, and I thought to find that video but to my surprise I saw information that he passed away in March. I had no idea.

Dr. Afrika is widely known from his lectures, books and teachings all across the internet, and I’m more than sure he’s a legend in the conscious community for the information he brought forth. But I was unaware that he died. His memory and teachings will live on for eternity however. So with that said, I want to honor the brother for all the work he’s done, the information about Black people he presented and his lifelong dedication to uplifting us all.

Rest In peace Dr. Llaila O. Afrika

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