After watching The Old Guard, there was something about the whole immortality, cheating death thing that stuck with me. That’s when I started to remember a movie from the 80s. It’s called Cocoon. I can’t recall the first time I’ve seen it but I had a hunch to see it again.

I kept getting flashes of bright-light beings inside my head, but for the love of God I couldn’t remember this movie’s name. So I hit up Google and started searching alien movies and anything associated with them. I must’ve dedicated a good hour or more looking too. I couldn’t find anything on it. But at the last second the old noggin kicked in like, it’s COCOON! It was gonna drive me crazy if I couldn’t figure that out.

I wanted to spit a few words about it because it’s in the same realm as The Old Guard but with aliens. It’s basically about these old guys who discover a “fountain of youth.” When you find out why they were feeling young again you’ll realize it wasn’t that at all. The pool was set up to revive a group of stranded aliens who were kept inside cocoons. Somehow the older people who all went swimming were draining the life force meant to revive them. The problem happened when the word eventually got out. This is where the two movies collide.

In The Old Guard, it was people who found the truth about these people‘s abilities and wanted to exploit them for it. The same thing sort of played out in Cocoon, but less sinister. The older people inside the nursing home caught wind of the secret and wanted it for themselves. How could you blame them? You’re old, living in a home and barely living so why not? That brings up my next thought.

If there was a way to postpone death, because that’s what they were doing, and extend your mortality would you do it? It’s not only that though. See, unlike The Old Guard this everlasting life was only temporarily. You see that with one the guy who reverted back to his old self, and his boys were itching to get back to the pool to help him out again. Where the two movies connect again is when one of the aliens, played by the late Brian Dennehy, offered to bring a group of them with him.

His offer was bigger than some pool and an actual chance to live like an old guard. But they would have to walk away from everything they knew, including their family. At that stage in life it would seem like a no-brainer. For one, you’re giving another opportunity at life. And two, you get to experience nothing of this world. It’s an offer I wouldn’t refused, especially if I’m old. You’ve already lived life on Earth and experienced all its tribulations, now you can see something that no human-being ever could.

I don’t want to go too off the edge here though, but these are concepts that I’ve grown to like. I suppose I have too much time on my hands entertaining such things. One of the reasons is they question life as we know it, and tap into ideas that sound impossible. But to bring it back, Cocoon was a pretty funny movie I thought, like when they first got inside the pool and felt young again. The very first thing they did was make love to their wives. Overall, it’s a goodhearted story and one that was strangely calling me to see again.

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