Writer’s Note: I came across a YouTube video and an article about companies in Michigan seeking to use microchips on their employees, so these are my thoughts from the lab.

Tech expert says Michigan Senate bill to protect workers from microchips at jobs does not go far enough

There are certain employers are considering microchipping employees. Now the Michigan State Senate is working on a bill that would protect employees. Cyber security expert David Derigiotis is with Burns and Wilcox and spoke about it.

In my view this is nothing but delaying the inevitable. Like many technologies they run their course and go obsolete. Payment processing for example is totally different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. As companies continue pushing us forward, they’ll be those who adopt the new tech like we do now. That’s the state of our corporate culture for ya. Others (i.e. me) will lag behind as long as they can but technology has a way of making certain things incompatible by design.

You can’t install an older version of something like a browser or application and expect it to run on something newer. That’s the price of progress. Old things inevitably die out, and people no longer use them because how can they? If I put my conspiratorial hat aside I can say the same process will follow with microchips.

We’re already in a stage where it’s not far off considering how phones are attached to our hips and hands at every moment. You can hardly function in today’s environment without it. Kids now grow up without ever experiencing life not connected to something smart. Eventually, that’ll be the case with microchips, it’s just a matter of time because the technology is already here. They’ll be more adoption of chip-friendly platforms too unless there’s massive opposition or defects. I don’t say this because I believe it, I just say it due to the fact that things are rapidly changing.

We’ve grown to accept convenience every since we left the farms and headed to cities where capitalism made things available and in abundance. The trade off of using an implanted chip saves on the lucrative phones we buy yearly along with the accessories. However, I’m sure somebody will find a profitable reason to make those extra items like getting rid of headphone jacks so people buy this new adapter thing.

Cash will be less convenient and more burdensome to use, and that’s all by design of course. That war has already started with the dollars “we” inflate, each credit card used and CashApp-like platform installed, not to mention governments and their motivations to crackdown on physical money. Phones will become less convenient and more burdensome to use all the same. This won’t happen overnight but you can see a world where microchips lose their stigma because without one you’re more likely to be inconvenienced. As scary as it sounds, more kids will grow up in a world where the fear of being microchipped and tracked is a primitive mindset. The culture of technology would have moved so far ahead that without adopting it you’d become obsolete yourself, just like those old browsers and applications few care to use.

The thing with microchips is you could only survive without them if the society maintained those older models; whatever they may be. Without tech support or a vibrant consumer base then it’d be impossible to escape a microchipped world as long as social engineers and film’s predictive programming continue nudging us forward; slowing throwing the values of yesterday off like bad water. I don’t know you but some, or maybe a lot, are fond of that bad water. Only time will tell.

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