Writer’s Note: Watch your ears because I sure do cuss a lot in this video.

Corrections: The movie I was trying to describe around the 8:47 mark was Poltergeist, which was a remake that came out in 2015. I can’t believe it was that damn long ago. Dead Silence is the second movie my mind couldn’t remember around the 9:28 mark. And lastly at 11:46 I don’t know why I had Jamie Foxx on the brain because he didn’t say that. That was the brother Katt Williams!

If you must know, I only thought of this movie because of a post on Twitter. In my opinion, I think Emily Rose is the scariest movie of all time. Somebody that’s truly into horror films like that may feel otherwise, but from my perspective? The Exorcism of Emily Rose is one of those you only need to see once, if at all. That’s how scary I thought it was. Watch it at your own risk is all I’ll say more. If you’re someone who has seen, feel free to say what you thought of it.

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