Writer’s Note: The realest words T.I. said was at the end. “In order to understand my train of thought, you’ll have to put yourself in my position. You can’t expect me to think like you cause my life ain’t like yours.”

This song, this album, it takes me to a time I barely remember at this point. But the current climate today got me reflecting on it. If you know the song and its context then you’ll understand what TIP was talking about at that time. And it’s a hard song with a beat that sound good on two 12’s. However, what made me even think about it was this 2020 election we’re facing.

As I write, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are likely moving into the White House soon, and Donald Trump and oh boy from Johnny Quest are on their way out. Good news, right? Personally, I’m not even thinking that way.

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One last thought then I’m done with the politics. A Biden presidency takes us off the Trump train but I personally feel like black people should keep the same energy and not let up thinking his admin is any more of a friend than Trump’s. #Elections2020

As I said already, if Biden secures this victory then it’ll take us off the Trump train. For better or worse it’s definitely been a ride, but what I will say is don’t let a Biden administration fool anybody. (that’s more of a note to self than anything else) I don’t talk much on politics nor do I consider myself a political person, although I try to keep up. With that said, I plan to go into this next installment with the same attitude I had during Trump’s reign. Why not? I don’t think putting myself under some illusion or believing because Trump is out and Biden is in means his admin will be any more of a friend than Trump’s. There’s no reason to believe it would be.

Propaganda (2012)

Using the North Korean propaganda found-footage device, a filmmaker exposes the hypocrisy of Western capitalism’s claim to the moral high ground.

I feel like American citizens of all stripes need to keep the same energy and be ready for whatever. We’re still up against the effects of covid-19 and the measures our officials took that laid a lot of people off, including businesses in plenty of places that shut down to say the least. Biden isn’t Trump, but can he and the other branches of government remedy that? There’s a bunch of things to hold them to the fire the same way people were during Trump’s term. At the end of the day, no matter one’s politics, I say be ready for whatever because a change in the presidency doesn’t necessarily mean a time to breathe with relief. Consider me a skeptic but how I see it, whatever party or person that occupies the White House still poses a threat.

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This election reaffirms the importance of constitutionalism and federalism. Stop giving the federal government-and especially the president-so much unwarranted power and making the presidency something to obsess over. Localism means more happy people.

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