Attics Beats

What can I say about The Attic Beats project? For starters, I think I was really getting into the feel of my sound, making it crisp (thanks to Rizzo), but most importantly stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting a bit more.

And with only 8 tracks from an archive I honestly have no intentions to publicly put out, I said fuck it and did it anyway.

  1. Cast Away LaMonta "Chase" Reeves 4:25
  2. Gangsta LaMonta "Chase" Reeves 3:55
  3. Satin Sheets LaMonta "Chase" Reeves 4:11
  4. The Thrill LaMonta "Chase" Reeves 4:06
  5. Too Much LaMonta "Chase" Reeves 3:47
  6. Red Rum LaMonta "Chase" Reeves 4:47
  7. 16 Bar Challenge LaMonta "Chase" Reeves 3:23
  8. Good Morning LaMonta "Chase" Reeves 3:57

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