It’s said that we’re all gifted at one or more things.

For Terria, one of those gifts is her voice without a doubt. Listening to her recent work, titled Amplified, there’s a lot that I could unpack with it. One thing fasho is she wears her heart on her sleeve on these records, but that’s what makes it enjoyable as a listener.

After all, I wouldn’t think nothing less from a black girl who’s navigating this world. Besides, you wanna be able to feel where the artist is coming from and with Amplified she gives you the opportunity to experience it.

But to give some back story to how I came across Terria starts from Instagram. At the time, I found this unusual girl to be pretty funny and if you didn’t know about her music, you’d still be entertained by her personality alone.

But to touch back on the music, it’s definitely the kind you ride to and let play while whispering sweet nothing in your partner’s ear if you’re into that kind of shit.

All jokes aside, I’d expect to hear her type of music in rotation along with other great slow jams and modern R&B music of today because not only does it sound pleasing to the ear, it’s the substance of her lyrics. That love. That pain. That I’m with you just don’t bullshit me music. You feel it comes from a real place, like on Nobody, Love No More and Diamond, and the structure of her songs, like Plead the 5th (which is a banger). They collectively showcase the level she’s capable of performing at, including her rap skills.

From it being genuine to authentic R&B, the EP from the Baltimore native reflects a broad array of emotions mixed with hypnotic beats and a style so natural that doesn’t disappoint. Straight up!

Highlights: Free The Butterfleye EP


What can I say about this 4 track EP? For starters, it’s like a quick dose filled with pure vibes man. To tell a story, I still recall the day we ran across one another on Twitter. I saw a video of her lip syncing J. Cole’s Love Yourz and I responded reciting some of the lyrics.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]”Heart beating fast let a ni**a know that he alive.” – J. Cole[/su_pullquote]

Little did I know I was following a singer after that, and a talented one too! Since then I’ve seen her do a number of open mic performances.

I asked one time if she performed with her eyes closed because she would tell me how sometimes she would be nervous and perform with them closed. Having performed myself I understand how much it takes to even go out on stage and expose yourself like that. But in each one you get see her grow regardless and develop so when you listen to the EP it all comes together as if it was meant to be.

I remember her telling to me she wanted to put out an EP. Without much delay she put in the time and later released that EP titled Free The Butterfleye on the 25 of August, a date to commemorate the passing of her cousin Nyrobi. And for that project I commend her. She had an idea, stuck with it and made it a reality. It doesn’t get any better than that.

[su_pullquote]”I can’t let the negative hold me down.” – Butterfleye[/su_pullquote]

Hopefully by now you get an idea of what Butterfleye is about, and with the first 3 songs you’ll come to understand, just like I did, how needed music like hers is. The production is solid and it matches her style like a first day of school outfit. For the EP itself? It’s full of positivity, struggles but also a good sense of inspiration which leaves you asking, “what else she has up her sleeves?”

A favorite of mine is Too Soon because how emotional she is on it, making it a powerful song to me that hits close to home. It’s definitely a real one on a number of levels but what makes that song, and the entire EP, stand out is her potential and how far she could possibly take it. But don’t just take my word for it.

You can listen to the EP for yourself.

No Paperwork EP



Who is L.A.Z? Like his IG handle @flowz4daze, it’s self-explanatory. But before I get into the topic of this post I want to give a backstory to you guys. The first time I met him was in college and at that time we both were rapping and making songs. I had the honors of linking up with on a few tracks that we recorded in my dorm room. How we ended up crossing paths is blurry, but I remember having a lot of discussions with him about music. He put me on to Wale and one of my favorite songs to this day by Lupe Fiasco, called Theme Music To A Drive By.

All of this was right around the time myspace was in motion and Drake’s So Far Gone was just getting started. But after recording songs with L.A.Z I knew he was a dope artist and lyricist. I can remember a song we did to Cassidy’s 6 Minutes of Death, and this guy used a Dodgeball reference like, “so when you see a real ni**a like me/you better utilize the 5 D’s, that Patches O’Houlihan speak…dodge duck dip dive dodge when the guns drawn,” and all I could say then as he kept spitting was this guy is cold! He murdered that song. But whoever knew he would later link up with a group of ill MCs known as Clear Soul Forces? Cause at that time I didn’t but I wasn’t surprised neither.

Just recently, he dropped an EP titled No Paperwork which is in my opinion a solid body of work. I can hear him on multiple CSF records, but it’s a good feeling to experience a full project of one of ya’ homies cutting up dope songs like Loco Dough or Optomist with a style that should make you understand he’s not the typical artist with little to say. 

Check out his music video for Celestial Vibes.

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Grind Hard In My Own Lane

Grind Hard In My Own Lane is out now!

What’s good y’all, in this segment of highlights we will talk about Truly Blessed Living Authentic, better known as TBLA.

The Southwest (Detroit) native not long ago released an album titled Grind Hard In My Own Lane, which we’ll get into later.

He’s been going strong with music as far back as I remember, and to see his dedication to the craft still there is a big deal cause while many have put the pen down, he stayed with it.

I remember seeing a group he was in perform on a few occasions some years ago. The last one being at a local spot. Long story short, they put on a show that night. But he later went and dropped a few projects and a hand full of music videos to become the solo artist he is now.

With the anticipation to the latest album, he released a series of videos to compliment it, which all explain the backstory behind several songs featured. So if you wanna get an understanding behind some of the songs and go check that out.

But to touch on the album itself, there’s a lot of songs that I rock with on there. For example, the Intro, Had the Chance, CMC, F**k Boys and Until I Die are just a few. You can play the album all the way through cause it’s solid, but those are the ones I keep in rotation.

Overall, I don’t think this project disappoints. Between the production and TBLA’s ability to paint a picture worth listening to, especially on Running Out of Time, you can’t deny the brother got him one.

He might be too real or raw with it for a few people, but for the average rap listener you get a feeling he’s not holding back any punches toward anybody or anything for that matter, letting it be known he’s definitely here to be himself. And for that I salute!

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