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How Much Music Is Too Much Music?

The age of streaming and limits of artist integrity. I know this might seem like...


Is There An Overconsumption Problem With Hip-Hop?

To the point where we’ve reduced the listening experience to a cheap thrill, absorbing...


#RandomRapThought: Suppose Rap Died.

Suppose rap died some time ago. I would say it died because the art...


What I got from Angie Martinez’s Interview with J. Cole.

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Serious Question: Why Would Women Want To Be Like Men?

Writer’s note: This post is just a response to a video I saw @Jessiereyez...


Hip-Hop Must Be A Driver Of More Important Discussions.

“I’ll write a check to the IRS, my pockets get slim Damn, do I...


We Don’t Have To Listen To Every Artist That Puts Out Music.

If I’m Late To The Party Or Bother Not To Show, Then So Be It....


Thinking About Troubles by Alicia Keys.

“If you’re troubled You just gotta let it go If you’re worried, baby You...


“Apologise For My Weird Mix.”

“I like my pancakes cut in swirls Morrocan moles and undercover squirrels I like...

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