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#TFTL: Women In Hip-Hip

When it comes to females in Hip-Hop we all know what it is. Rah Digga recently put some light on it. But whenever a conversation comes up that says “why aren’t these types of artists in rap more known or get support” then it’s like transporting back to conversations involving male rappers. Except with us,...

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Tomb Raider: #NotAReview

Writer’s Note: I couldn’t help but notice as I was writing that Tomb Raider is strikingly similar to Marvel’s Iron Fist. The Trinity, The Hand. Lara Croft and Danny are both heirs to riches and a conglomerate. And within their own ranks lies the enemy. No Title A sequel huh? Don’t know if many liked...

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Tierra Whack - Unemployed [Official Music Video]

"Unemployed" out now: Director: Cat Solen Production: Artery Industries Follow Tierra Whack:

Song of the Day: Tierra Whack’s Unemployed

I just happen to stumble on her music video Unemployed earlier today. It almost takes on a Jordan Peele-like appearance because it's a little dark with a sense of humor. That's the first thought that came to mind.

For Nipsey

Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle, will always remember you for things you represented. Hip-Hop won't be the same without you! Your legacy will live on.

#TFTL: The Power Of Reminiscing

None of this is really new but it’s something I needed to get off my chest. Y’all remember that song with Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth titled They Reminisce Over You, right? Turns out there’s a little science to this reminiscing. Might I add the homie Lupe did his own version off the Food and...

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