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#TFTL: Women Issues In Hip-Hip

Writer’s Note: I’m not saying any of this to take away from whatever challenges women face in hip hop but that’s a separate issue from something I feel affect artists in general; having some receive mainstream success over others who could arguably be better musically. But qs DJ Booth once quoted, “who has the followers?” I read...

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Song of the Day: Mural by Lupe Fiasco

“I like my pancakes cut in swirls Morrocan moles and undercover squirrels I like cartoons, southern cities with large moons Faith healers, ex-female drug dealers and art booms Apologise for my weird mix What taste like hot dogs and tear drips And looks like pantomime and clear bricks And smells like shotguns and deer piss.” —Lupe Fiasco...

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#TFTL: Molly And Memory

Writer’s Note: This was something to document because I may dive in deeper to understand how I can take advantage of this, and maybe you can too! Yesterday I came across this article, and out of all things it mentioned taking molly and how good it could be for people with PTSD. Without unwrapping that...

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#TFTL: Privacy and The Circle

Writer’s Note: If you haven’t seen The Circle yet, then I definitely would suggest you do so. It paints a certain picture about the world we’re embarking on at this very moment — but I don’t think we truly realize it yet. It’s a hospital scene and plot to Terminator Genisys. It’s Snowden’s realized secret. It’s The...

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