The Era We Live In.

July 30, 2017

Maybe it’s just me, but certain things only hit home for me when I hear or see it from other people. For example, not too long ago, my homegirl told me to check out Drink Champs. It’s a video-like podcast starring the well-known artist Noreaga and co-host DJ EFN.

Drink Champs to me is a bunch of things. It’s interviews, it’s entertaining, funny as hell and it even has some gems within the mix too (see the Angela Yee and DJ Envy episode). I’ve only seen so many episodes to date but that’s the general impression I have of it so far.

But to go back to my point about things hitting home. I saw Noreaga on another favorite show of mine, The Breakfast Club. If you haven’t heard of it yet, then you probably live under a rock in Bikini Bottom somewhere. All jokes aside though it was in that interview and what Noreaga said that hit me. He talked about visuals and how today’s era is all about it. It’s pretty obvious considering how popular YouTube is of course. And I already knew that.

But when Noreaga spoke on it for those few moments I was like, “damn, the brother gotta point…duh!” I had been saying to myself and others for a while about doing videos of my own too. It’s just when he brought it up, and the context surrounding it, made it official. So when I hear news companies switching their resources to doing video and now I get it.

I always understood it myself before, but it’s locked in now, because for me, to hear a shared thought from another person solidifies it. He made sense in the picture he painted about how this era is a visual era. Record everything. Document everything. Why? So the people looking at it can experience it too!

I remember watching a separate interview and the guest mentioned how these days, it’s not just about collecting items or things, but it’s about collecting experiences more than anything and that’s the era we live in.

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