Thinking about Troubles by Alicia Keys.

April 30, 2018

If you’re troubled
You just gotta let it go
If you’re worried, baby
You just gotta let it go
All your hustles ain’t for nothing
You just gotta take it slow
When you need me, baby
All you do is let me know.” — Alicia Keys

When I play the song Troubles by Alicia Keys, I think of my own. It’s one of those songs I keep in rotation. Besides my reasons for relating to it, it’s a song with a simple melody, which could pass for a hip hop beat, that focuses you on the words. Now about me and how I relate to the concept, it reminds me of all the things that plague my mind. Not that these things are out of control, but when I play this song I think of these things because I face them daily. I face them attempting to defeat them. Yet my plans haven’t been completed.

Seems like certain efforts go without results. Worry sinks in. Before you know it, you’re spending countless hours without sleep and wondering if any of the things you do are worth it. Turns out, dealing with the things that trouble a person isn’t as easy, but at the same time aren’t impossible to solve neither. The way I see it, it’s either drown from what troubles me or see my way out of it alive.

But a couple of them I notice going back in forth within my mind are because I haven’t decided how I want to deal with them. But it’s as simple as making a choice yet every single one I make comes with a consequence and a sacrifice. Some are bigger and smaller than others and this is where I caution with making certain decisions so quickly. However, if there’s one thing I know about being patient, it’s that sometimes you can be too patient and when in the face of troubles, being patient can make you too comfortable and before you know it, instead of facing and overcoming your troubles, you’re living with them on a long term basis that neither serve you or rid yourself from them.

All in all, I play Troubles to remind me of all this, including Alicia’s message in the hook cause it feel like she’s talking to me.

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